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Frequently Ask & Question

Q : Does Rumah Jahit provide sewing services for dresses with the model I want?

A : Yes. We serve requests for stitches following the fashion model that consumers want.

Q : How long does it take to process our clothing orders?

A : Depends on how complex model and shape it is, like attaching sequins and its kind which is has done by hand.

Q : For fabric, can it be from us or provided by Rumah Jahit?

A : Both can. If the material is from us, we will submit it based on the existing stock from our supplier which is type, color, etc. then the consumer makes a choice suitable with taste and desires.

Q : For processing custom uniform (non-standard models), can I bring my own sample model based on the picture / only photos?

A : Yes it can.

Q : Any area Rumah Jahit services work on clothing orders?

A : For all Jember and surrounding area. While outside that area can be done by own consumer measurement online, and if any fabric materials came from consumer its possible to deliver with trusted courier.

Q : Then what about the payment?

A : Like the mechanism above, then 50% payment can be done at starting process and the rest after the goods are done which is ready to deliver at consumer. Only confirmed front payment deposit it can be processed the clothes order.

Q : Then what other payment must be made?

A : If the fabric from the consumer ; then labor costs, threads and accessories (if any), packing fee, also courier postage borne by consumers.

Q : For pick and drop-off clothing orders at Jember area and surrounding location is there a shuttle fee??

A : Yes. besides the price of sewing services, for pick-up on location we charges according to the routes distance. Rumah jahit partner with transporter parties already trusted according to rumah jahit mission co-creating employment opportunities with related partners. This has a real impact on local economy sustainability.

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